Introducing the Artists of Lenox Ave 35!

Since 2020, the Skyloft Games team has been on a mission to not only design the games that we want to see on the table, but also navigate and learn the business of tabletop gaming. A huge part of that learning was building up our knowledge in the area of art, illustrations, and graphic design. As we iterated on the game mechanics and design of Lenox Ave 35, we also started to make a note of the type of art that we would like to see come to your table. Finding the right style and vibe that fit our vision was the most important aspect of our search. And equally as important was our commitment to showcasing a diverse group of talent and skills that are not (1) widely (2) represented (3) in the boardgame industry today.

With that, we are very proud to share with you the art team that we are working with on Lenox Ave 35!

Terri Ogwulumba is a Nigerian-American freelance illustrator and freelance background paint artist. She has painted for Warner Bros. Animation and Nickelodeon’s Middlemost Post, and illustrated for board game covers and cards.


IG: @terrichienyiart

Monique Steele is a Jamaican-born illustrator currently residing in the small pocket of reality in-between time and space (also known as Miami, Florida). When she’s not drawing famous Queens in history or women in elaborate gowns you can find her deeply mired in the comings and goings of pop culture, exploring mystical new worlds in literature, and lamenting no longer living the “island girl” lifestyle, while (still) attempting to refine her spicy foods palette.


IG: @moniquesteeleart

Luis Espíritu is a graphic designer that also loves motion graphics and game developing. He is a lead artist at Ficha Studio, an indie project where he and his team develop mobile games. Luis loves games and everything around them, especially dinosaurs. If you would like to know more about his work or talk about his favorite dinosaur you can find him at:


IG: @luisespiritu91