The Skyloft Games family playing Merchants of Magick

Skyloft Games is a tabletop gaming company with a core mission to create diverse and engaging games that are easy to learn & fun to play. Our goal is to highlight and increase the representation of underrepresented groups within tabletop gaming via themes, content, and players.

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Our founder, Lonnie Morgan Jr, is a work-time IT professional and a fun-time tabletop gamer. In 2020, he decided to take his excitement about tabletop gaming and encapsulate it in the launch of a new tabletop gaming company, building games with themes and concepts he would like to have seen more of when growing up. Skyloft Games hopes to do for tabletop gaming what Langston Hughes accomplished with The Skyloft Players, a theater group founded in 1940’s Chicago to grow and mold black playwrights.

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